Jason Bucknor

Outside Back/Winger

Jason Bucknor, hailing from Weston, FL, is a dedicated soccer player currently active at the University of Michigan. Commencing his soccer journey at the age of 10, Jason's late start didn't hinder his pursuit of excellence. He initially joined Sunrise SC as a fullback/winger, mostly contributing off the bench. Progressing to Weston FC, he overcame injuries and made strides within the academy, eventually earning a call-up to the U-15 US National Team camp. Despite facing setbacks due to injuries like a torn hip flexor and avulsion fracture, Jason's tenacity was evident. Playing with the younger 2003 age group to prove his mettle, Jason produced a significant number of goals and assists. As captain of Weston's team, he transitioned to fullback and gained the attention of MLS academies and D1 colleges. His successful season with Inter Miami and commitment to the University of Michigan marked pivotal moments. While struggling with injuries, a series of surgeries, and mental health challenges, Jason remained resilient and continued to exhibit his talent. Now, on the path to return stronger, Jason looks forward to demonstrating his capabilities on the field at Michigan again.

Career Highlights

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