Kris Shakes


Kris Shakes, a goalie hailing from South Florida, has an unwavering passion for soccer. From an early age, Kris engaged in a diverse range of sports. His journey included participation in various travel teams including FC Florida, Coral Springs United, and Sunrise. At the age of 15, Kris seized on the remarkable opportunity to attend multiple trials within the MLS framework, ultimately leading to becoming a role a player for the Philadelphia Union Academy. During this tenure, Kris's talents caught the attention of USYNT scouts, earning him a spot on the U18 and U19 USA Men's National Soccer Team. Kris' official debut took place in 2018, marking a significant milestone in his soccer career. The trajectory of Kris's career led him to secure a scholarship for Penn State University, where he has showcased his skills for the past four years. Kris' dedication and performance earned him accolades including second-team All Big 10 recognition, the distinction of BIG10 Defensive Player of the Tournament, and inclusion in the B10 All Tournament Team. As Kris embarks on his senior year, he eagerly anticipates the forthcoming challenges of the upcoming season, and prepares to confront them head-on with enthusiasm and determination.

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